Return of the Bleak Poet – Part I

Ella has been in my thoughts again…

The Logic of Returning

The world has turned while I have slept;
It’s dark outside, and late.
The promises I’ve over-kept
Burn thankless in the grate.

Relief and agony we spoke
To separate our ways,
As passion bowed beneath the yoke
Of ordinary days.

How far she’s travelled down her track,
While I have stood, bereft.
How true it is we can’t go back,
Long Gone and Never Left.

– Neil Capstone, January 2014

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Neil Capstone

I’m an aspiring poet; my goal is to explore a range of themes and styles and create a worthwhile and enduring body of work.

I'm keen to improve my technique, hone my judgement, refine my taste. Above all, I hope to find those (few?) out there who can "connect with" - or simply enjoy - my poems. I welcome your feedback: please leave comments on this blog or with an e-book retailer or contact me direct at

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